EDU Vinyl Flooring Solutions

Restroom Floor

In the selection of restroom floors for educational facilities, the challenge is finding materials that offer strength, durability and aseptic properties, along with flexible design options for avoiding an institutional look. EDU’s resilient vinyl sheet restroom flooring combines superior performance. EDU vinyl sheet restroom flooring provide a durable, material to resist abrasions and stains. The non-porous surface of vinyl sheet prohibits dirt and bacteria from getting trapped and also holds up to the frequent use of commercial maintenance products needed to keep busy restroom floors clean and hygienic. Versatility is what makes EDU vinyl sheet the right choice for restroom flooring.

School Floor Choices

In choosing school flooring, architects and designers face challenging issues that impact the quality of the learning environment. From reducing allergens and promoting good air quality to providing durability in areas of heavy foot traffic, school floors contribute greatly to the health, safety and comfort of students and instructors alike. Our extensive range of school flooring products and coordinated accessories offers high-performance designs in brilliant colour palettes that harmoniously blend function and aesthetics. No matter where in the school a project awaits, EDU Flooring has functional, sustainable and innovative school flooring solutions to help you design smarter.

Classroom Floor

Classroom flooring, like other building materials used in schools, can enhance the learning environment and help create the optimal setting for students to achieve. EDU classroom flooring contributes to that objective with a wide range of products that offers superior sound absorption, slip and impact resistance, low VOCs, easier cleaning surfaces and excellent wear resistance. Likewise, the colours selected for classroom floors send important visual cues to students about the function of the space. Our colour palettes – from bold, bright hues to subdued neutrals – appeal to all age levels and coordinate with the entire portfolio of EDU flooring products. EDU supplies classroom flooring products that meet the unique requirements of the education market.

Library Flooring

Libraries have evolved from hallowed halls racked with books and steeped in silence to popular information centres with study carrels, community gathering areas and computer banks. Likewise, library floors have to accommodate a wider range of needs today. Beyond durability, slip resistance and efficient maintenance, library floors must assist in wayfinding, offering attractive systems to connect resource areas and guide students and staff to the right information. EDU offers the creative colour options and the necessary performance features desired in library flooring. EDU library flooring products coordinate across materials, textures and patterns, giving you the design flexibility to bring people and information together harmoniously.

Vinyl Sheet Shower Floor

toilet-flooringA critical feature of shower floor comfort is safety underfoot. EDU offers a durable, sustainable shower flooring solution designed for continually wet areas where bare feet or soft-soled shoes need traction. The raised texture on the surface provides an added measure of safety to reduce slips and falls, a major cause of accidents in wet rooms. EDU shower floors deliver pleasing aesthetics, too, in attractive colours that coordinate across our extended product portfolio. When you select EDU shower flooring for your next shower room project, you’ll get all the features you expect to maximize safety . . . plus peace of mind.

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